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GB54P 2TS бас-гитара 4 струны

Производитель: Cort Артикул: GB54P 2TS
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GB54P 2TS бас-гитара 4 струны, корпус из алдер, кленовый привинченный гриф, накладка джакоба, 20 ладов, мензура 864 мм, звукосниматели VTB-P, цвет 2 Tone Burst

A new addition to the popular GB Series which was introduced last year, the GB54P is an homage to the classic P-style bass that provides superb value for beginners to teachers and working musicians alike. Available in 2-Tone Sunburst and Sea Foam Pearl Green.


The Alder body provides a perfectly balanced tone while gives a slight boost on high mid range. It's one of the ideal tonewoods for bass guitar and used by many guitar makers since 1950's


The vintage style 240mm(9.45”) fingerboard radius is a classic feature that makes it ideal for both single-note playing or for chording.


The vintage-style VTB-P pickup produces the timeless P-style bass sound that launched a musical revolution. The sound is warm and punchy but also has the growl to suit almost any musical style.


The time-tested vintage bridge does what it is supposed to do without any frills or hassles while providing the classic tone that P-style basses are known for.


Sometimes simplicity is all that a player needs to get the musical point across. One volume pot and one tone pot with output jack keeps it clean and simple and allows the player to focus on the music.


Jatoba is a very dense and stiff wood that makes it ideal for the fingerboard usage. Jatoba produces strong fundamentals and volume projection with an emphasis on the high-mids.

41MM(1 5/8") NUT WIDTH

The 41mm(1 5/8”) nut width provides easy fingering and tapers smoothly up the range of the fingerboard.


Designed and implemented to facilitate easy access to the upper register of the fingerboard, the new Ergonomic Neck Joint increases playing comfort while reducing tendon stress and awkward wrist and finger positions. Now you can solo away and reach the highest notes with confidence as well as greatly improved playability.

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  • Количество струн: 4
  • Конструкция гитары: гриф на болтах
  • Корпус: с двумя вырезами Double Cutaway, из алдер
  • Гриф: твердый канадский клен
  • Окантовка: нет
  • Накладка грифа из джатоба, радиус 9 1/2" (240 мм)
  • Лады: 20
  • Мензура: 864 мм
  • Инкрустация: белые точки
  • Колки: открытые
  • Бридж: Vintage
  • Звукосниматели: VTB-P
  • Электроника: 1 х ручка громкости, 1 ручка тона, 1 выход
  • Пассивная электроника
  • Фурнитура: CR (хромированная)
  • Струны: D'Addario® YB EXL 165
  • Цвет: 2 Tone Burst

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