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X300 GRB электрогитара 6 струн

Производитель: Cort Артикул: X300 GRB
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26 697 руб.
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X300 GRB электрогитара, корпус ясень с верхом клен, привинч. кленовый гриф, накладка палисандр, 24 лада, датчики EMG RetroActive Hot70, FloydRose, цвет Grey Burst

The new X300 features premium materials and components with renowned Cort quality, workmanship and value. Premium-grade Flame Maple is mated with American Basswood body and Maple neck and fretboard for a full range sound that is balanced, deep and cutting simultaneously. The Floyd Rose Special tremolo allows for extreme dive-bombing and harmonic squeals while providing perfect tuning stability and the EMG Retroactive Hot 70 pickups deliver plenty of output with classic warm-sounding character.


This is the Holy Grail of electric guitar body wood combinations: Maple top with Basswood body. Used by some of the greatest players in the industry and boutique guitar builders, it provides the ideal balance between warmth and fullness from the American Basswood body with brilliance and the cutting ability of the Maple top.


The EMG Retro Active Hot 70 set utilizes ceramic magnets in the bridge and alnico 5 in the neck producing high output. This traditional open coil design set has a vintage look that players love. The outputs are voiced to give you an even volume between the neck and bridge for smooth pickup transitions. Complete versatility is at your fingertips from the biggest rock tones to the sweetest cleans and everything between.


Nothing stays in tune quite like a Floyd Rose tremolo system. Whether you are dive-bombing, doing extreme harmonic squeal pullups or subtle chordal coloration, the Floyd will give you the confidence to express your musical ideas without any tuning worries.


Sometimes simplicity is all that a player needs to get the musical point across. One volume pot and one tone pot with 3-pickup selector keeps it clean and simple and allows the player to focus on the music.


Both comfort and appearance was enhanced with an elegantly contoured arm cut on the top. This modification to the body has been carefully laid out on the bodies of the X guitars for maximum comfort without removing unnecessary amounts of wood. The lines of the X body are graceful for aesthetic beauty as well as for ergonomic considerations.


Unknown to many guitar players, the fingerboard is a vital component of the overall sound of the guitar. Maple is a very popular choice due to its rigidity and stability but also for its strong high-midrange punch and articulation. It also feels smooth and slick as well as providing a classic woody look to the overall aesthetic of the instrument.

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  • Тип конструкции: Гриф на болтах (bolt-on)
  • Корпус: американская липа, топом из огненного клена
  • Мензура: 25 1/2" (648мм)
  • Лады: 24 лада Jumbo (2.9мм)
  • Гриф: твердый клен
  • Накладка грифа: клен, радиус Compound 
  • Инкрустация: Позиционные маркеры ладов
  • Бридж: FloydRose Special Tremolo
  • Звукосниматели: EMG  RetroActive Hot70
  • Механика: Черная
  • Управление: 1 громкость, 1 тон, 5-ти позиционный переключатель
  • Струны: D'Addario EXL 120
  • Цвет Grey Burst

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