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G280DX JSS электрогитара, 6 струн

Производитель: Cort Артикул: G280DX JSS
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29 124 руб.
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G280DX JSS электрогитара, 6 струн, 25.5", корпус ольха с топом, топ Flame maple, гриф на болтах, клён/клён, 22 лада, тремоло CFA-III, локовые колки, фурнитура хром, цвет Java Sunset

The new flagship model of the revamped G Series, the G280DX features the highest quality materials and components along with meticulous workmanship of Cort’s most outstanding builders. Designed with the best possible playability and sonic performance in mind, the G280DX comprises of Alder body with Flame Maple top and Canadian hard Maple neck for a versatile sound that can be used for both classic and modern musical genres.


The Alder body provides a warm and full-bodied tone while the Flame Maple top not only adds beauty but tightens up the overall sound with strong high-midrange and brilliance. Alder provides the classic in tone while Maple adds a modern element to the overall sound of the guitar. It’s a time-proven wood combination for superb sonic versatility.


Considering that the neck is a vital component of the overall sound of the guitar, the quality of the neck woods is vitally important. The Canadian hard Maple neck provides power and stability as well as contributing a beefy and punchy tone with a strong upper midrange. The matching color headstock exudes high-end class to the overall look of the guitar.


The staggered locking machine heads provide greatly improved tuning stability as well as ease of tuning. There is no more winding of strings around the post of the machine head. Just slip the strings through the hole in the posts, lock the string with the wheel on the back and start tuning. It is simple, elegant and effective and allows you to focus on the playing.


The new Voiced Tone VTH-59 bridge humbucker and VTS-63 single-coil pickups perfectly complement the big robust acoustic sound of the guitar with modern clarity, transparency and vintage warmth. Painstakingly developed by Cort’s engineers by drawing on decades of pickup winding experience, the Voiced Tone pickups feature the highest-grade components and winding techniques to allow the natural character of the guitar to be faithfully delivered to the amp.


The spoke nut hotrod truss rod ensures smooth and precise setting of the neck bow. Often overlooked by many guitarists, the neck bow (or relief) is very critical for the best possible playability. This new truss rod adjustment feature allows the player to dial in the exact amount of neck bow depending the player’s technique and playing style. Whether you are a legato fusion player with a light touch or a Texas blues master who digs hard into the strings in the lower register, this new truss rod will allow you to dial in the exact amount of bow to suit your style.

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  • Конструкция: гриф на болтах
  • Корпус: болотный ясень с верхом из огненного клена
  • Гриф из твердого канадского клена
  • Верхний порожек 42 мм
  • Накладка грифа из клена 
  • Лады: 22, Medium Jumbo (2,7мм)
  • Мензура: 648 мм
  • Инкрустация: белые точки - маркеры ладов
  • Колки: Cort Staggered  запирающиеся
  • Бридж: Cort CFA-III Tremolo (нержавеющая сталь)
  • Звукосниматели: 2 сингла + хамбакер ((S-S-H) Voiced Tone VTS-63 и VTH-59 
  • Электроника: 1 регулятор громкости, 1 регулятор тембра, 5-позиционный переключатель,
  • Фурнитура: CR (хромированная)
  • Струны: D'addario EXL-120 Strings (009-042)
  • Цвет: Java Sunset

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